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4HDV/140 Four Combination Head Welder for Corners, Transoms and Cruciforms

Features and Benefits:
The 4HDV, Four Combination Head Welder provides greater fabrication flexibility than ever before. Simple activation or deactivation of buttons on every combination head allows the machine operator to choose the optimum method of using the welder.

All combination heads designed to produce corner, transom and cruciform joints in window and door profiles. Individual start buttons for each head – Enabling the machine to be operated from any head.
Total Flexibility – can be used as 4 heads together, 2+2, 3+1 or 1+3 making it two machines in one.
Rear fences line up automatically due to chassis linked permanent stop to avoid gathering the heads together for re-alignment and eliminating the need of a “straight edge” setting device.
Quick release centre section of the rear fence – The release feature allows the first transom section of a cruciform joint to sit in between the rear fence and point through the back of the weld head without the need for tools to readjust and set the machine.  Faster and easier operation – equipped with automatic head movements so the two outside heads locate the profiles against the setting plate removing the need for the operator to push the heads by hand.
Adapts quickly and easily when changing between corners and transoms without the need of tools.
Factory set stops and quick release head movement (forward and backward) allow each head to be aligned perfectly and with ease when switching between transom and corner welding.
This is a popular feature, as tools can often be misplaced and setting machine heads, square to each other, can be time consuming.  No time consuming hand wheel adjustments.
All movements are made with smooth linear bearings and hardened steel shafts.
Utilises support blocks with magnets and special shouldered setting screws to allow quick removal and refitting. Automatic head movement locates the profile providing consistency, speed and ease of loading.
Avoiding possible irregular contact of profile to setting plate of a hand positioned head.
“Spring-free” heater plate float removes bias melt to one side.
A small miniature cylinder centralises the heater plate when necessary.
Small footprint only 4.0 m long.
deal for small sashes and transom drops down to 325 mm.
Fast operating cycle due to solid wide setting plate eliminating the initial table movements completely saving time. Designed to be easy to use and simple to maintain.
Safety clamp, two hand control and full compliance with CE regulations.

Other versions available include Single, Two and Four Head machines.

Technical Data:
Voltage 400 v, 3~, 50Hz, Total Amps 18 amps
Compressed Air 7 Bar/100 psi Air Consumption 40 Ltr. Per cycle
Weld Bead Limiters 2.0mm Burn-Off 6.0mm
Dimensions (length, depth, height) 4000 x 900 x 2100mm
Weight 850KG

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