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DGS570 Electronic Compound Double Mitre SawDGS570 Electronic Double Mitre Saw
for Aluminium and Vinyl/PVC Profiles 

DGS570 Electronic Double Mitre Saw- comes with accurate automatic head positioning via brushless motors with encoders, smooth saw blade feed via hydro-pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic head tilting from 90 to 45 degrees with intermediate angles located via a stop.  Each head rotates to achieve cutting angles from +45 to 90 to -45 and -22.5 degrees internal.  Combined head tilt and rotation achieves compound angles as required.  Available in both 4m and 5m versions.

The DGS570 comes equipped with an overhead touch screen allowing easy access to the advanced control software and away from the working area of the saw and material.  The interface is extremely user friendly enabling operators with limited cnc knowledge to understand and operate the machine safely.  The USB port allows operators to download sequential cutting lists created offline using dedicated software.

Central Support Bar
Extended cut device
Trim Cutting facility
Barcode Label Printer

Technical Data:
Right Head Movement: Motor and encoder
Max. Cutting Length/mm: 4000/5000
Tct Blade/Diam.: 550
Blade Bore: 50mm c/w reducer to 30mm
Motor Bore/Diam.: 30
Cutting Tilting/: 90 / -45
Head Rotation: +45 / 90 / -45
Operating Pressure: 8 Bar
Air Consumption: 45-57 Lt/Cycle
Motor Power: 3 Kw
Voltage: 400 V. - 50 Hz 

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