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The Cross Welder saves time, improves quality and boosts profits. The HDX Cross Welder saves time, improves quality and boosts profits.

03/01 /11

2011 is looking like a growth year for business in a climate where money is still cheap and you get nothing for your money in the bank.

Therefore possibly the best place to invest in the new year will probably be in your own business.

Investing in good machinery that can demonstrate an immediate benefit must be the priority. Rarely does a new machine make a contribution in all areas of improving efficiency, enhancing employee safety and adding significantly to the profits.

The new Kombimatec HDX Cross Welder seems to do exactly that.

HDX cross or cruciform welder increases speed in production. It has been estimated that crucifix welding using the HDX takes a third of the time required when using the traditional method of vee notching, welding and cleaning twice!

Creating the crucifix joint in one single welding operation has many benefits. These include no vee notch cutting. Vee notching can be tedious especially if vee notch depths require frequent adjustment. In this instance all four pieces of profile to be joined are arrow headed.

Additionally no Reverse butt welding phase. Time is saved not having to use this machine or clean off the weld sprue created during this process. Plus less complicated calculations are required for cutting sizes and less tolerances are allowed to build up.

There is also far less handling because you no longer need to insert and remove the reinforcement after the first half of the joint is made. Only when the crucifix weld is complete is the reinforcement inserted - and there it stays!

There’s more. Reduced employee fatigue due to the elimination of the round robin trips to the different machines to cut, weld, clean and return back to the saw again to repeat the same cycle.

These actions are probably saving 30 metres of walking and several minutes of machine watching.

Then there’s the safety bonus. Generally saws are regarded by the Health & Safety Executive as providing the highest risk of personal injury in a window fabrication factory.

Yet many vee cut saws are used without guards because of the need to make the second cut to create a cruciform joint in a PVC window or door.

By using a Kombimatec HDX Crucifix Welder there is no longer a need for a second cut and therefore the guard remains permanently in place to protect the operator and reduce the risk of injury.

The Kombimatec HDX Crucifix welder appears to offer a rare triple win situation on all fronts including reduced fabrication times, enhanced production quality and improving the safety environment for the workforce.

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