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David Parsons, Technical Director, Kombimatec Machines provides more welding advice on making internally glazed windows.

Greater support when welding PVC profile brings rewards because it results in easier cleaning of the weld and better sized and superior quality frames.

In the past welding standard outward opening and Tilt & Turn windows we have been able to insert profiles into the welders wide face down. In other words, with the rebate up, pointing to the sky. However, when it comes to making internally glazed windows the narrower face of the profile will sometimes be on the table bed of the welder, rebate down. If the profile is not supported on the inside of the rebate the tendency will be for the profile to roll under the pressure of the clamp.

This rolling is inevitable because profiles are hollow and will crush under pressure. Support blocks help limit the crush and allow the profile to spring back after welding. This recommendation is vital in my opinion when welding ĎZí transoms and ĎTí sashes.

Another thing internally glazed window manufacturers will find an absolute blessing is to use a crucifix welder or cross welder to make, guess what? Yes, Cruciforms! When I speak to fabricators they are often expressing the irritation of constantly having to alter the vee cut saw depth. Even when using machining centres. Do you find this?

Itís being done because they are finding their frames just arenít straight. Bowed in fact. Incorrect vee notch depths are often the cause of the problem.

Those who havenít got a crucifix welder are forced to make this type of joint in two halves. First creating a ĎTeeí joint before producing the cross.

A crucifix welder can improve the consistent quality of frames as they completely eliminate vee notching. All four pieces to be welded together are simply arrow-headed. That also means no reverse butt welding is needed here which removes another potential effect on tolerance.

Itís not just quality that benefits the fabricator who uses a crucifix welder but the time saved by cutting once, welding once, sticking in the reinforcement only once and cleaning once. This represents a huge saving.

Furthermore cleaning a cross weld in one go means no mis-match of the grooves in the centre of the joint that can result from creating this type of joint in two halves. Plus the main welder is left set to make frames avoiding fence removal & refitting. ENDS

Illustration Shows:

Kombimatec HDX welder is the one machine fabricators begin to recognize the benefits to internally glazed window production. The quality enhancement and the increased efficiency.

November 2006

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