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As a company looking for a way to speed up the production of their aluminium roofs, Preston-based Celtic Vista chose to enlist the help of Kombimatec and its DGS570 Electronic Compound Double Mitre saw. Producing an array of beautifully crafted conservatories, sunrooms and sun porches to a designated time takes skill and precise planning. Boasting exceptional product quality, the Lancashire firm produce the vast majority of their components in house.

Image 1. Front View of DGS570

While they’ve always ensured that their conservatories are manufactured to the highest standards, acquiring Kombimatec’s DGS570 has now certainly made sure of this. Equipped with 2x 550mm diameter saw blades, which travel vertically from below the machine’s tables, the DGS570 provides Celtic Vista with improved cutting accuracy through automatic head positioning according to the length of cut required. Offering various cuts, the large capacity cut enables the Ring Beam, Ridge Beam, and Rafter profiles to be cut with ease and in one cutting cycle, while the extended cut feature also allows sections that are longer than the bed length to be cut.

Image 2. DGS570 Preparing to cut Box section

Images 3. Large Ring Beam being processed.

Aside from compound cutting, there’s also cleat cutting that allows multiple repeat sizes of profile to be cut from a bar length using an automatic cutting cycle. On the technological side of things, the machine has an overhead colour touch screen control panel, on which operators can configure, backup, and download cutting lists. Not only that, it also features a USB port which allows optimised cutting lists to be transferred to a memory stick and either saved or downloaded to the machine’s computer.

Dave Watters, Celtic Vista’s Managing Director, had nothing but praise for the DGS570, but more so for the aftercare and support from Kombimatec themselves. “As it was a new piece of equipment, early on there were some specific requirements that we needed guidance with,” he explains. “As soon as we mentioned this to Kombimatec they sent an engineer immediately to see us in Preston.

He helped us understand how to use the machine to its full advantage in just a few hours. Great customer service.” “The Kombimatec DGS570 has some great features and is really good value for money,” Watters continues. “The instructions are clear. The cuts are very accurate. And with the cleat cutting feature allowing us to complete jobs in house, this saves us a great deal of money not having to send certain jobs out to a third party.”

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