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Having already experienced the reliability and accuracy of Kombimatec machinery after purchasing an Electric Double Mitre Saw from them almost 10 years ago, when UPVC doors and windows manufacturer KwikFrames needed a new one it was only right the Hull-based business called on the acclaimed machinery specialists once again.

“It was an easy decision to make,” says KwikFrames Managing Director Paul Martin when discussing the upgrade of their DGS530 Electronic Double Mitre Saw. “The previous Kombimatec saw we had was excellent. It never caused us any issues and was ultimately very reliable.”

So why the upgrade? According to Paul it was just a case of staying ahead of the curve with a refresh. “It’s been in our factory for almost 10 years. If you’d had a car for 10 years with 200,000 miles on the clock you’d be thinking about a change, wouldn’t you?

“It’s critical to our business so we felt it was the right time to invest in a new Kombimatec saw and the DGS530 was the obvious choice as it fits seamlessly into our production line.”

Happy with the upgrade, the new machine has proved faster and has integrated into the KwikFrames factory with ease.

Kombimatec’s DGS530 Electronic Double Mitre Saw comes complete with 2x 530mm TCT saw blades that allow two profiles to be cut simultaneously. With faster automatic positioning according to cutting length and angles required via servo motor with closed loop feedback, cutting lists are transferred by USB memory stick directly to the saw.

Also coming with a colour touch screen on an overhead boom, this is easy to use and access by the operator as it is kept clear of the working area. This significantly reduces the risk of profile falling or dropping onto screens that are housed inside lower level operating consoles.

Paul adds: “We were thinking about purchasing a cheaper model from elsewhere but it just wasn’t worth it because Kombimatec’s customer service is second to none and we had already tried and tested their products so we knew how good they were.”

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