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PVC & Aluminium window manufacturing machines

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2HD/140 Twin Head Welder

For Vinyl/PVC Profiles


2HD/140 Twin Head Welder, max. profile width 150 mm, max. profile height 140 mm, variable angle 30-180 degree, max. welding length 2750 mm, 2.0 mm weld bead limitation, solid steel construction, overhead heater plate, hand safety control, Mitsubishi controller.


New heater plate design for improved weld strength. 3 Stage clamp release minimises stress on welded corners. All steel machine construction for greater stability. Faster loading cycle for improved efficiency. Compact design with high welding capacity. Fully automatic welding cycle and integrated digital temperature control for greater accuracy and reliability. All parameters can be set individually and independent of each other: Welding temperature, heat-up time, fusing pressure, joining pressure, joining time and clamping pressure. Variable welding time: the machine adapts itself to the cross-section of the profile to be welded. Welds 2 corners simultaneously in one operation. Back fences with scale and positive location at 90 degrees easily adjustable to allow the welding of corners from 30 to 180 degrees. Two-hand safety control with maximum 0.5 sec. delay to comply with the latest safety regulations. Truly safety clamping system. Clamps descend under their own weight. 50 mm Head movement automates profile location and provides consistency. Built-in programmes allow a qualified technician to mimic the automatic cycle simplifying fault diagnosis and minimise inconvenience.

Technical Data:

  • Size of Heater plate
  • Type 2HD/140 240x170 mm
  • Type 2HD/200 240x230 mm
  • Mains voltage 400 V, 3~, 50 Hz Total Amps 9 A
  • Compressed Air Connection 2x2 kW 7 bar/100psi
  • Air Consumption Per Head 40 ltr per welding cycle
  • Weld bead Limiters 2,0 mm
  • Temperature of Heater plate 200-300 degC (392-572degF)
  • Dimensions 3015x500x1700 mm
  • Weight 600 kg
  • Order No. Type 2HD/140 PLC Type 2HD/200 PLC

Standard accessories:

  • Set of support arms
  • Cover for heater plate
  • Air service unit
  • Instruction manual

Optional accessories:

  • Teflon Cover
  • Set of knives 0.2 mm
  • 1 Set of outer contour limiters (to suit profile)

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