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PVC & Aluminium window manufacturing machines

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DGS400 Double Mitre Saw

For Aluminium and Vinyl/PVC Profiles


DGS400 Double Mitre Saw with manual head positioning via hand wheel, 400mm dia. TCT saw blades, 4000mm max. cutting length, adjustable angles 90-45 degrees, large cutting capacity, tilting saw heads, pneumatic clamping, 2 hand safety control, Mist spray units for cooling cutting edges, Central support, safety guards, service spanners, Instruction Manual. CE Mark.

Technical Data:

  • Voltage: 415v, 3~, 50 Hz
  • Compressed Air: 7 bar, 100 psi
  • Dimensions (length, width, height) / Weight Kgs
  • 4m Version 5010x1250x1360mm, 750 Kgs
  • 5m Version 6010x1250x1360mm, 870 Kgs
  • 6m Version 7010x1250x1360mm, 990 Kgs

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