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PVC & Aluminium window manufacturing machines

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EV443/30 Corner Cleaner

For Vinyl/PVC Profiles


EV443/30-32 Corner Cleaning Machine: With 2,5 mm knives (2-off) Profile support arm (1-off) Air service unit

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatically grooves both top and bottom profile faces and mills outside edge in one operating cycle.
  • Type EV443/32 also drills gasket slot groove.
  • Once set the automatic profile identification facility selects the correct program cycle for each profile.
  • Total flexibility with full operation or isolation of individual functions.
  • Variable milling cutter dwell time for optimum performance.
  • Single side grooving selection for wood grain, foil or acrylic covered profiles.
  • Small footprint measures only 860 mm x 980 mm.
  • Typically accommodates frames down to 25 cm.
  • Takes profiles up to 125 mm wide.
  • Multi-position spindle takes up to 3 milling cutters. Independent cutter shaft mounting with flexible drive eliminates motor strain.
  • No cutter matching. Computer controlled. One touch locates frame and starts cutting cycle.

Technical Data:

  • Milling Cutter min. dia. 80 mm
  • Milling Cutter max. dia. 200 mm
  • Cutter bore 32 mm Knife 2,5 or 3,5 mm
  • Mains voltage 220/380, 3~, 50 Hz,
  • 6/3, 5A Power output 1,5 KW Milling spindle 2800 rpm
  • Compressed air connection 7 bar/100 psi Air consumption 60 ltr per cycle
  • Dimensions (Length, width, height) 980 x 860 x 1545 mm
  • Weight 420 Kg

Optional accessories:

  • 2,5 mm knife
  • 3,5 mm knife
  • Special cutter set (to suit profile)

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