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GLS180 Automatic Mitre Bead Cutting Saw

For PVC and Aluminium Profiles


GLS180 Automatic Mitre Bead Saw comes with 4x TCT saw blades, Pneumatic clamping, Adjustable supports with optional 2.0 m measuring length stop & support.


  • 2.0 m measuring length stop provides a convenient method of transferring glass bead sizes to the saw.
  • Two or more bead pieces (subject to tooling) can be cut during a single cycle.
  • Suitable for fast cutting of 45 degree mitred beads Automatically trims the back leg of the bead for easier fitting.
  • Saw carriage feed via hydro check cylinder for smooth controlled speed.

Technical Data:

  • Saw blade diameter 200mm
  • Blade Shaft diameter 32mm
  • Voltage 380-415 v, 3~, 6 amps
  • Compressed Air 7 Bar/100psi
  • Air Consumption 4 Ltr. Per cycle
  • Dimensions (length, depth, height) 540 x 1000 x 1150mm Weight 110KG

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