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PVC & Aluminium window manufacturing machines

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With business increasing nationwide for trade supplier Teeside Architectural Aluminium, better known as TSA Aluminium, owner Paul McPherson decided to take the route of installing automated CNC production machinery to increase output but also to ensure high quality and precision in its aluminium window frames, entrances and curtain walling.

Paul embarked upon an exercise to evaluate the needs of the business, which since its inception 11 years ago had built a large portfolio of customers for its residential windows, secondary glazing, sliding and bi-folding doors, as well as shopfronts, curtain walling and entrances for commercial contractors. With a burgeoning order book Paul eventually chose Kombimatec, after inviting several machinery brands in to evaluate the company’s needs and provide proposals.

Kombimatec’s solution included its AMC308 Automatic CNC Machining Centre developed for both aluminium and PVC-U profiles. The machine automatically performs all drilling, routing, slotting, tapping and milling functions via its sophisticated control system and intuitive touch screen interface and includes 4 adjustable pneumatic clamps, electronic variable speed control and an automatic tool change cabinet as part of its specification.

The AMC308 is fed by the Kombimatec DGS450/500 Electronic Double Mitre Saw, which is ideally matched to the throughput of the CNC. The version supplied to TSA Aluminium includes utilising 500mm diameter TCT saw blades, a 4000 mm cutting length, adjustable angles 90-45-22.5 degrees and automatically tilting saw heads.

Crucially however, whilst Paul remains impressed with the Kombimatec machinery it was the approach and attitude of Kombimatec’s director, David Parsons and his team, that both secured the deal initially and led to its error-free commissioning: “This investment represented an important step for TSA Aluminium,” said Paul. “We had to embark on a fast learning curve to choose the right equipment to take us into the future and we had to install it whilst creating minimal disruption to on-going production.

“David not only showed an impressive knowledge of frame production, he also assimilated our needs quickly and presented some sound proposals to us that have proved highly effective in fulfilling our goals. He worked with us throughout the process, showing a commitment that was lacking in many of the others that came to see us.”

Since 1984 Kombimatec has delivered more than 20,000 machines for working PVC-U and aluminium profiles worldwide. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, the machines are easy to use, simple to maintain and with CAD experts on hand to assist with factory planning the company’s technical expertise has built over 30 years of serving the industry.


Meeting the needs and requirements of every customer is something Bedfordshire-based machinery manufacturer Kombimatec prides itself on. From customer service to delivery and installation, and of course the quality of the machines themselves, it’s all important when it comes to building the perfect customer experience. According to Peter Hedges, Managing Director of PVCu windows, doors and conservatories manufacturer Weatherbreak, Kombimatec ticked every box when it came time for them to invest in some new kit as their previous machinery had come to the end of its lifespan.

“Kombimatec seemed to offer everything needed to meet our requirements at a realistic price,” said Peter when discussing Weatherbreak’s purchase of a Kombimatec AMC308 CNC Machining Centre. “Simply put, it does exactly what it said on the tin. We were already aware of Kombimatec and after seeking advice from a few different people we were pointed in their direction for what we needed.”

Moving to a bigger factory in order to expand their product range the delivery of the Machining Centre was both a fun and learning experience for Weatherbreak. “The machine was actually in the factory while we were putting a new roof on it,” Peter explained. “Because we were renovating we had to keep changing the delivery dates and moving things around but Kombimatec delivered it when they said they would and the customer service ever since then has been excellent.”

Previously neighbours before Kombimatec moved to larger premises in Dunstable, the deal between the two companies came with one condition: that the machine could first be put on display at this year’s FIT Show. Held in may at the NEC, Birmingham, FIT Show 2017 proved a successful outing for Kombimatec with a little help from Weatherbreak’s newly purchased AMC308 CNC Machining Centre.

"The AMC308 CNC Machining Centre is a huge benefit to fabricators", explains Director, David Parsons, "it automates the traditionally time consuming task of routing lock cut-outs and handle hole preps in doors, for example, in one complete cycle, enabling staff to get on and perform other tasks. Faster processing increases output and the machines' accuracy reduces wastage".

The machine comes equipped with a colour touch screen, USB port, four adjustable pneumatic clamps, electronic variable speed control 0-12000 rpm, precision 8mm collet, automatic rotation of the work piece 0-90-180 degrees with adjustment for intermediate angles. Longitudinal stroke 2550mm or 3000mm, width stroke 180mm, depth stroke 140/90mm - and two hand safety control. Options include a 5HP Electro-spindle, automatic tool change cabinet, barcode scanner, 2D matrix scanner, and tunnel guard for working with longer extrusions.


The proof is in the pudding for Kombimatec Machines Ltd. who continue to prove themselves the best provider of machinery for fabricating PVC and aluminium windows thanks to the recent high demand for its 1HD/02 Variable Angle Cill and Twin Reverse Butt Welder.

Perfect for all types of welds, the 1HD/02 comes complete with a double force table cylinder and knife weld bead restriction (0.1-0.2mm) with maximum profile height set at 140mm. The welder also includes two hand safety control, safety clamping, a set of support tables and a Mitsubishi electronic control.

Making accurate welds for complex windows is extremely vital as tolerances can build, this then results in a mismake. The new 1HD/02 machine has a larger than normal table cylinder that provides the extra power needed for accurate double reverse butt welding. One of the many new purchasers of the machine, Mike Willey of Diamond Windows is Essex, said: “We are very pleased with the machine. It’s fast, reliable and easy to use. Not only that it’s incredibly good value.”

Other important features of Kombimatec’s 1HD/02 include the weld restrictor knives which are set to near-biting point for easier removal of the spure or flash leaving a more aesthetically pleasing thin line. An adjustment can be made to the heater plate allowing it to move forward and expose more of itself, ideal when welding large cills.


The internet can sometimes be looked at as a gift and a curse but in the case of Cantifix and Kombimatec it definitely proved to be the former. After exhaustive research both off and online as part of a long-term plan whether or not to purchase a CNC machine, Cantifix came across Kombimatec and its website. So impressed with the Luton-based window machinery company’s knowledge and product range it decided to purchase an AMC602 3+1 Axis CNC Machining Centre.

“While price always has some part to play in the decision of whether or not to go ahead with a purchase we were seriously impressed with the overall build quality and, in particular, the fact that the bed rotated on the axis of the Kombimatec machine rather than the tool head,” said William Sharman, Cantifix’s Director. “It allows greater flexibility for what we need to do and it saves time when dealing with the complex processes we often need to perform.”

Founded in 1986, North London-based Cantifix has always taken on groundbreaking innovative projects that have attracted the attention of many an eminent architect or engineer. Refusing to accept that the “impossible” exists, they have proved this to be true time and time again both within the UK and with international projects. With a determined commitment to new technologies the company’s passion for excellence is evident whilst selling, designing, manufacturing and installing its glass structures.

“Everything we do is non-standard and often better suited to detailed manual attention during manufacture,” continued Sharman. “However, Kombimatec’s CNC Machining Centre certainly allows us to undertake some of our more repetitive tasks whilst maintaining the desired high standards that our clients expect.”

Kombimatec’s AMC602 Machining Centre has been designed to process extruded aluminium and utilises advanced CNC control combined with CAD software to position the electro spindle and selected tool to work on the selected profile. It includes four controlled axes, four adjustable pneumatic clamps and comes with an industrial control unit for accurate positional control and a PC interface with CADCAM software. It also has an automatic tool changer to accommodate up to seven different tools. As a result the machine can drill, rout, tap and mill without operator interference.


Sometimes it’s simply all about being in the right place at the right time. For Trade Frame Manufacturers Ltd this was certainly the case when they stumbled upon Kombimatec at FIT Show 2016 inspiring a working relationship that both parties were excited about.

Visiting the last FIT Show to be held at the Telford International Centre before moving to the NEC in 2017, Pembrokeshire-based Trade Frame Manufacturers went with the purpose to view the machinery on offer as they were in need of some new equipment. Impressed with the speed and ease of use that Kombimatec’s machines offer, according to Trade Frame’s Russ Evans it was an easy decision to make when committing to purchasing a pair of machines from the Bedfordshire-based machinery manufacturer.

Choosing a 4HDV Four Combination Head Welder and 6 Axis CNC Corner, Transom and Cruciform Cleaner, Russ explained what it was that sold Trade Frame on Kombimatec’s range. “The fact that they are a UK based manufacturer was a huge plus for us,” he said. “This way if we ever need any replacements parts or a service it’s easy enough to sort out.”

Trade Frame, who have specialised in the manufacturing of uPVC windows, doors and conservatories since 2001, have benefitted from the excellent customer service Kombimatec offers to all of its customers. “It’s been very good! I really can’t fault them,” Russ explained. “The delivery and installation went without a hitch and because of that we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kombimatec to others who might be on the market looking for new machinery.”

Providing greater fabrication flexibility than ever before, Kombimatec’s 4HDV Four Combination Head Welder comes with individual start buttons for each head that enables the machine to be operated from any head. Essentially two machines in one, it can be used as 4 heads together, 2+2, 3+1 or 1+3.

The EV475 6 Axis CNC Corner, Transom and Cruciform Cleaner is the fastest and most reliable of its kind. With two separate sets of cleaning tools, each with their own independent programmable movements, it can work on both sides of the joint at the same time. This speeds up the overall cycle time because transoms and cruciforms can be cleaned in one complete clamping sequence.

Since 1984 Kombimatec has delivered over 10,000 machines for working PVC and aluminium profiles worldwide. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, the machines are easy to use, simple to maintain and with CAD experts on hand to assist with factory planning the company’s technical expertise has built over 30 years of serving the industry.


Kombimatec continues to prove it’s one of the best machinery manufacturers in the UK by impressing leading aluminium partitioning and door company, Partitioning & Interiors Products Limited (PIP). After reviewing a number of other manufacturers Kombimatec came out on top for the West Sussex-based company, choosing to purchase not only a DGS534 Electronic Double Mitre Saw but also an AMC602 Machining Centre.

“Kombimatec came out as the preferred choice,” said Fraser Green, Director of PIP, after shopping around looking for the best machinery available with good functionality, a solid support network at a reasonable cost. “The ability to generate programmes for the CNC router from the office at the order entry stage so that it can then be run on the CNC simply by scanning a barcode is very impressive,” he added.

Aside from being impressed by the machinery functionality offered, Fraser admitted to being a fan of the Luton-based company’s customer service: “The communication and willingness to provide further information on any queries raised was another reason we chose them over the competition - their customer service has been very good.”

Kombimatec offers a wide range of electronic saws, of which PIP selected the DGS534 Electronic Double Mitre Saw. The DGS534 supplied has a cutting length of four meters although, with the double stroke facility, the length of cut is extended to eight meters. It also has a short cut facility for cleat cutting and such. The heads swing inside and out to 45 degrees delivering great flexibility while the complete optimised cutting lists are downloaded to the saw via an Ethernet connection from a computer.

The AMC602 Machining Centre has been designed to process extruded aluminium and utilises advanced CNC control combined with CAD software to position the electro spindle and selected tool to work on the selected profile. It includes four controlled axes, four adjustable pneumatic clamps and comes with an industrial control unit for accurate positional control and a PC interface with CADCAM software. It also has an automatic tool changer to accommodate up to seven different tools. As a result the machine can drill, rout, tap and mill without operator interference.


With 26 years in the window and door fabrication business it’s fair to say that East Lothian-based Lyten knows quality when it sees it. On the hunt for a reliable cross welder after winning a big contract involving a large amount of crucifix welds Lyten got in touch with Kombimatec Machines Ltd who met the requirements with its 1HDX Automatic Cruciform Welder.

Having known about Kombimatec for a number of years, Lyten’s Patrick Duignan explained that it was much more than just the company’s reputation and the 1HDX’s features that encouraged him and Lyten to make the purchase.

“It was the immediate availability that really sold it for us,” he said. “And not only that, the 1HDX is the only identifiable UK supplied crucifix welder from a ‘known’ supplier - trust me, we did a lot of research. Combine that with the solid customer service, delivery and installation and then there’s really no further encouragement needed.”

Speeding up fabrication times due to being able to weld crucifixes in one operation which also reduces manufacturing costs resulting in higher profits, other benefits the 1HDX offers include there not being Vee Notch cutting, reverse butt welding or insertion and withdrawal of reinforcement.

The welder is a solid steel construction with an overhead heater plate, a 2.0mm weld bead knife limitation for knife-off finish, adjustable stops to line up different transom widths and a two hand safety control.

Since 1984 Kombimatec has delivered over 10,000 machines for working PVC and aluminium profiles worldwide. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, the machines are easy to use, simple to maintain and with CAD experts on hand to assist with factory planning the company’s technical expertise has built over 30 years of serving the industry.


Being reliable is a valuable trait to have - especially in the aluminium glazing industry. It’s valuable because it provides the opportunity for repeat business, just ask Kombimatec. The Luton-based machinery manufacturer who specialises in supplying machinery for processing UPVC and aluminum profiles impressed Norwich Aluminium so much so that they were called upon for their services for a third time.

Alerted to the reliability of Kombimatec having seen their machines at work in various other window factories, Alex Warren, Norwich Aluminium’s Managing Director, got in touch and it was at this point that the working relationship began.

On the market for a new CNC Router, after shopping around Norwich Aluminium decided to revisit its relationship with Kombimatec. Acquiring one of its AMC308 Automatic CNC Machining Centres, besides the fact that the machine was reasonably priced and could be delivered within two weeks Alex was most impressed with the continued high level of customer service.

“We were shopping around for a new CNC Router but in the end it made sense to go with Kombimatec because we had dealt with them previously,” Alex stated. “Aside from the machines always being reliable and good value for money, their customer service has always been good. Not only that, we received the machine within two weeks and it was installed in a single day.”

Commenting on the function he favours the most, Alex added, “The biggest benefit for us is that it allows us to router very close to the edge of the profile without fear of drills slipping.”

Kombimatec’s AMC308 Automatic CNC Machining Centre features a colour touch screen, USB port and comes with four adjustable pneumatic clamps. With electronic variable speed control that ranges from 0-12000 rpm, its more technical features include a precision 8mm collet, pneumatic rotating of the work piece 90-00-90 degrees with adjustment for immediate angles, longitudinal stroke 2600mm, width stroke 180mm, and depth stroke 140/90mm two hand safety control.


Moving premises is never easy, but for Maitland Conservatory Roofs things were made that bit easier thanks to some help from Kombimatec. After receiving 10 years of great service from the award-winning machinery manufacturer, Maitland decided to continue its partnership by investing in a DGS536 Electronic Double Mitre Saw for its new premises.

“We’ve always had nothing but great service from Kombimatec,” says Maitland Conservatory Roofs Production Director Mark Owen, referring to a previous machine purchased from Kombimatec. “We originally bought a second hand machine about 10 years ago but with the move to the new premises we thought it was time to purchase a brand new saw. And following the great service we had previously received from Kombimatec it only made sense to continue our partnership with them.”

According to Mark the service wasn’t the only reason for sticking with Kombimatec. “The price point was very competitive,” he says. “We were looking at other machinery suppliers but Kombimatec was the best overall offering reliability, service, and value for money. How many companies can offer that?”

Kombimatec’s DGS536 Electronic Double Mitre saw comes complete with 2x 530mm TCT saw blades that allow two profiles to be cut simultaneously. With faster automatic positioning according to cutting length and angles required via servo motor with closed loop feedback, cutting lists are transferred by USB memory stick directly to the saw.

Complete with three axes and heads that tilt 22.5 to 90 to -45 degrees, the saw also comes with a colour touch screen on an overhead boom which is easy to use and access by the operator as it is kept clear of the working area. This significantly reduces the risk of profile falling or dropping onto screens that are housed inside lower level operating consoles.


Having already experienced the reliability and accuracy of Kombimatec machinery after purchasing an Electric Double Mitre Saw from them almost 10 years ago, when UPVC doors and windows manufacturer KwikFrames needed a new one it was only right the Hull-based business called on the acclaimed machinery specialists once again.

It was an easy decision to make, says KwikFrames Managing Director Paul Martin when discussing the upgrade of their DGS530 Electronic Double Mitre Saw. The previous Kombimatec saw we had was excellent. It never caused us any issues and was ultimately very reliable. So why the upgrade? According to Paul it was just a case of staying ahead of the curve with a refresh. It’s been in our factory for almost 10 years. If you’d had a car for 10 years with 200,000 miles on the clock you’d be thinking about a change, wouldn’t you?

Its critical to our business so we felt it was the right time to invest in a new Kombimatec saw and the DGS530 was the obvious choice as it fits seamlessly into our production line.

Happy with the upgrade, the new machine has proved faster and has integrated into the KwikFrames factory with ease.

Kombimatecs DGS530 Electronic Double Mitre Saw comes complete with 2x 530mm TCT saw blades that allow two profiles to be cut simultaneously. With faster automatic positioning according to cutting length and angles required via servo motor with closed loop feedback, cutting lists are transferred by USB memory stick directly to the saw.

Also coming with a colour touch screen on an overhead boom, this is easy to use and access by the operator as it is kept clear of the working area. This significantly reduces the risk of profile falling or dropping onto screens that are housed inside lower level operating consoles.

Paul adds: We were thinking about purchasing a cheaper model from elsewhere but it just wasn’t worth it because Kombimatec’s customer service is second to none and we had already tried and tested their products so we knew how good they were.


Yorkshire fabricator-installer AWM had a problem that most in the industry would envy – it couldn’t keep up with demand.

Proprietor Aaron Mason explained: “We’re growing aggressively at about 25% a year but we were still doing all the manufacturing manually and didn’t have either the space or the manpower to keep up with demand.”

The answer came with a Kombimatec AMC308 CNC Machining Centre along with a DGS530 CNC Double-mitre saw to replace three manual machines previously used at the Doncaster factory and now AWM can look forward to as much extra business as it can get without being overstretched.

The AMC308 is easy to operate with its colour touch screen control and graphic interface and, once it is set up, it completes the job on its own, leaving the operator free to get on with something else. Its three-axis CNC control gives superb accuracy and repeatability and an intelligent tool change feature automatically makes allowances if the tool cutter is changed to a different specification. It has four adjustable pneumatic clamps, electronic variable speed control up to 12,000rpm, 2,600mm longitudinal stroke, 180mm lateral and 140/90mm depth.

The DGS530 has 530mm TCT cutting blades and 4,000mm maximum cutting length. Its overhead control means it is safe during profile loading. Optimised cutting lists can be downloaded via a standard USB port or via the local pc network.

Aaron continued: “We didn’t have either the space or the budget for a big saw centre but now we have upped our production with the space we have and without having to take on more people. It does everything we want it to do, more quickly and efficiently and it should see us for plenty more growth into the future.”

Kombimatec’s David Parsons added: “The combination is ideal for businesses like AWM. The machines are very versatile, they are highly automated, so reducing the amount of operator time. Also, they only require a minimum of training for an operator, which is especially important for a company like AWM that is moving into CNC automation for the first time.

“Aaron and his team will also notice a significant reduction in profile wastage from the DGS530 saw because of its accuracy and the optimisation of cutting combinations and that is an important factor for a fabricator of any size.”

Family-run AWM has been installing windows, doors and conservatories for customers throughout Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire for 12 years and began fabricating in-house three years ago.

Multi Axis CNC Cleaner boosts production at RBD

RBD, Great Yarmouth are Manufacturers of timber and uPVC windows and doors. Formed in 1969, R B D Windows have been providing high quality windows and doors to the whole of Norfolk for over 40 years. A family run business which specialises in timber and uPVC windows and doors supplying both domestic and trade customers.

Their tradesmen can create all bespoke joinery covering a range of products, from staircases to windows and doors. All made to customers or architects exacting requirements. They also provide installation services and being Fensa registered their customers are assured that they are getting the best know-how backed up by professional service and manufacture.

RBD’s uPVC windows and doors are fully welded and manufactured with experience gained over the last 20 years.

RBD already owned a Kombimatec EV470 CNC cleaner and had been impressed with its quality and reliability. Ian Driver, Director at RBD stated “As we have recently switched to Kommerlings new O70 Ovolo system the EV475 was an obvious upgrade as it had the ability to clean Ovolo systems using its floating tool head. Since installation we have been more than satisfied with our purchase and we are very pleased with the finish and cycle times being achieved ”

Also it is Ideal for cleaning virtually any type or size of welded joint, as tools with rotating heads allow transoms and crosses to be processed in one clamping cycle. Frames are passed through the machine parallel to the table rather than at a diagonal, giving far better support to the frame whilst also saving space in the factory.

By using ‘state of the art’ technology, the EV475 identifies profiles and adapts itself to wood grain/laminated profiles; this reduces the amount of manual work and eliminates the risk of errors. The profile recognition system uses linear transducers, capacitive and laser sensors to ensure a quality, mistake free finish.

RBD reviewed all window machine options before choosing the EV475 CNC Cleaner built in Luton by Kombimatec Machines Ltd. Ian further stated that the EV475 has been a very quick and effective machine for them and would recommend it to anyone manufacturing either standard bevel or decorative Ovolo and ogee PVCu systems.


Newport-based Modplan are among a growing number of fabricators who are being convinced of the benefits that Kombimatecs’ HDX cross welder offers.

The Network Veka fabricator recently bought two machines for two of its three sites to provide a better, more consistent finish to frames, and a quicker turnaround.

The HDX cross welder welds in one cycle, which offers faster crucifix fabrication times. The operator simply cuts four arrow heads, which means no vee notch cutting, and no reverse butt welding. It also means they don’t have to insert and withdraw reinforcement, and that joint mismatching at the centre of the cross is no longer an issue.

The operator benefits too as it’s no longer necessary to circle different machines to produce a cross (like in the old method), and safety is improved because there is no need to remove the transom leg guard on the vee notch saw.

Modplans maintenance manager, Paul Silk, also explained that the fact that Kombimatec is based in the UK had a major impact on the companys choice. We have other machines from Italy and Germany, and it can be really awkward to source spare parts, he said. Having your machinery supplier based in the UK can be a real benefit to the smooth operation of your business.

However, it is the fact that the HDX cross welder can produce a perfect cross in under two minutes that it winning customers over. This machine can make an immediate impact on fabricators production times, which will reduce manufacturing costs and result in higher profits, David Parsons, Kombimatecs Director said. Once a fabricator starts welding this way, they never look back!


A cut above the rest, Luton-based window machinery supplier Kombimatec won an order with Oakleaf Doors and Windows – a part of Oakleaf Commercial Services (OCS) - to supply and install a complete set of machinery for the Worcestershire business after a competitive tender was issued.

With a yearly turnover of close to £18million, Oakleaf Doors and Windows is a new business operation for OCS who formerly specialised in bespoke joinery products. Wanting to expand their product range to include PVC-U windows and doors so that they can supply to the commercial market place – in particular Local Authorities and Housing Associations – Oakleaf were impressed with how Kombimatec scored on quality and price, as well as their offering of comprehensive repairs and their excellent breakdown service. Assisting Oakleaf with the development of the new factory, including recommendations for equipment that would provide greater flexibility and enable the production capacity to grow, Kombimatec made quite the impression according to Mark Dainter, Oakleaf’s Executive Business Manager:

“We were very impressed with the service provided by Kombimatec. They took time to understand our requirements and came up with suggestions for how we could improve efficiency as well as reduce our capital costs. The machines arrived on time, were installed efficiently and have been fully operational ever since”

Some of the machinery provided by Kombimatec included their DGS450/500 Electronic Double Mitre Saw, 1HD Reverse Butt Welder, GLS180 Beadsaw with measuring system, SCT9 Transom Groover, WSF445 Waterslot Router and their 4HDV 4 Head Combination Welder.

One important feature of the Kombimatec welders to take note of is that they are not excessively tall, meaning that they were able to be installed under a mezzanine floor.


When a company has been fabricating PVC-U for over 20 years, the decision to diversify into aluminium is not one to be taken without a lot of thought, as Gary Burgess of St Helens Windows explained:

“We wanted to get everything right from the very beginning so when it came to choosing the right machinery, we looked very carefully at all the options available. After a lot of thought, we went for Kombimatec across the board because the machines met all our requirements and more.”

St Helens chose a complete suite of dedicated aluminium machines comprising:

DGS530 Electronic Double Mitre Saw with overhead touch-screen, allowing the operator to programme the machine or download a cutting list free from the path of the profiles during loading/unloading. Software features include a short-cut routine, producing pieces down to 20mm, a cleat cutting facility for repeat pieces and an extended cut/double cut routine for producing pieces longer that the bed length, so enabling cuts up to 10metres.

CRD1200A Copy Router and Triple Drill with a standard routing template and double-acting copier pin for two different tool diameters. Routing is in 1:1 ratio for ease of making templates. The triple drills are automatic with motion controlled by hydro-pneumatic cylinder. Adjustable speed control ensures smooth travel of the drill unit. Special drill bits are used to pierce the profile at the start of each operation.

AFV367 Variable Angle End Miller with a large milling capacity and heavy-duty horizontal and vertical clamps for secure clamping, a six-position turret depth-stop to allow configuration of different profile depth settings and a quick release cutter spindle so that different cutters can be set up ready for hot-swapping in production.

GLS190 Up-stroking Bead Saw with 350mm blade and +80deg to -80 deg rotating bed with preset stops at +45, 0 and -45deg for quick positioning as well as a stop for intermediate angles. An interlocking safety guard has apertures to allow loading/unloading of bed material from the sides while a Perspex viewing area allows the operator to easily see the clamping.

Kombimatec’s David Parsons added: “St Helens chose the ideal combination for the professional fabricator setting up an aluminium line. The machines are highly advanced and amply versatile enough to produce anything an aluminium window and door fabricator is ever likely to need. They are also very easy for an existing PVC-U line operator to adapt to, so St Helens could get manufacturing straight away with the minimum of training time on the new machines.”