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PVC & Aluminium window manufacturing machines

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EV470 CNC Corner, Transom and Cruciform Cleaner

For Vinyl/PVC Profiles


EV470 CNC Weld Cleaning Machine for corner, transom, cruciform joints fitted with: Two 3.0 mm wide grooving knives, milling saw blade, two three phase router heads with cutters, two upper and two lower tool stations, jog teach programming facility, automatic profile ID system, pneumatic clamping, approx. 60 joint type storage locations, closed loop servo driven drive system, support frame table with telescopic supports.

Features and Benefits:

  • No further hand cleaning required.
  • Easy to use HMI (Human Machine Interface) Ideally suited for factory environments.
  • Cleans Corner, Transom, Cruciform and reverse butt joints at one place in the factory therefore eliminating the time wasted moving complex frames to other machines.
  • External bevels are finished using angled knives suited to profile system providing a smooth clean finish.
  • Suitable for all types of profile including pre-gasket.
  • Extra Tool stations available for special knives to suit wood grain and decorative profiles.
  • High speed closed loop Mitsubishi servo driven system provides accurate positioning and quick cycle times.
  • Router motors are three phases for greater reliability in production.
  • Self-centering clamping system, spring loaded groove knives and floating bevel knives to cope with greater tolerances in profile.

Technical Data:

  • Voltage 415 v, 3~, 48 amps
  • Compressed Air 7 Bar/100psi Air Consumption 20 Ltr. Per cycle
  • Dimensions (length +support, depth, height) 340 x 225 x 185cms
  • Weight 750KG

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